“The Future of Conscious Media: Return on Inspiration, Insight, and Investment”





In Spring 2018, Conscious Media Visionaries is gathering 64 top entertainment industry professionals to create a robust future for media that is beneficial, entertaining, and profitable. Using the “Future Search” method, the focus will be on accelerating the success of the conscious media industry, market, and genre.

Working Together We Can: 










It is well-documented media has mental, emotional, physical, and energetic impacts on the viewer. Conscious Media is entertainment which has a positive impact.  It makes the world a healthier place on an individual and communal level.

  Now more than ever, there is high-demand for this positive, conscious content. Audiences are ready. There is an untapped market for entertainment with heart and soul.  The market is 100+ million American consumers, and numbers are even larger in Europe and Asia. Of course, profits are standing by. But also, now is the time to maximize our greatest human potential. Times aren't easy right now. But we can make a difference. Media can entertain us AND show us how to have better lives. Now is the time for the industry to work together mindfully and strategically to support this need and maximize this exciting opportunity.

The Value and Potential Outcomes

This Think Tank can make a large impact.  It could be a catalyst for any of these potential outcomes:

  • A website and regular news bulletin about the Conscious Media market.
  • A Conscious Media directory cataloging available and upcoming titles for both industry and audiences.
  • A social networking site for fans and consumers.
  • Regularly scheduled meet-ups on studio lots for anyone interested in Conscious Media.
  • A white paper on the Conscious Media market.
  • A social networking site and/or directory for industry professionals in the Conscious Media market.
  • A Conscious Media filmmaker mentorship program.
  • A Conscious Media film fund.
  • Similar to Movieguide’s program, a Conscious Media “Good Housekeeping-type” seal of approval, and awards, for qualifying media.
  • A program for spiritual centers to easily access rights to content for use in their classes/seminars/sermons.
  • Spiritual centers commit to creating a Communication Director position for Conscious Media, similar to what Christian churches have.
  • A Conscious Media convention mirroring the Christian National Religious Broadcaster’s annual meeting, Proclaim.
  • An Ambassador program to educate studios, agencies, guilds, and filmmakers about the market and positive impact of Conscious Media
  • A screenplay prize like the Kairos Prize
  • And more…
The Goal

Overall Goal: To envision and build a successful future for a profitable and impactful Conscious Media Market.

Participants will leave the Think Tank with a clear understanding of what the common goals are, what the desired future is, who will implement the necessary action steps, how to engage the larger community, and how reporting the results will take place.

The "Future Search" Method

The method itself is called Future Search.  It is a proven and dynamic open-forum process with an over 20-year legacy of helping communities and companies imagine a common future and come up with game plans to make it happen.

As reported in the HuffPost by a participant, “Future Search is radical – it embraces complexity. It is democracy in action. It is collaboration for good, for progress. It’s a methodology for developing common ground.”

For example, the UN uses it frequently.  Most notably in the Sudan, to work with highly antagonistic government leaders, families and high-ranking military officials to create an extremely successful child disarmament plan which everyone previously thought was impossible.  A torn community in Detroit struggling with homelessness and neighborhood neglect used it to find common ground and turn themselves into a thriving, win-win enterprise.  Conscious Capitalist companies like IKEA and Whole Foods use it when launching a new product line or planning their next five years.

It uses whole-system thinking.  It brings people from each important stakeholder sector into the room.  It uses a highly crafted system based on group dynamics, community building, psychology, and more to create a think-tank-type event where everyone’s voice is heard, all points are considered, and all data and wisdom is valued.

Future Search works: It effectively focuses the community on the next steps, which can be taken without further delay. Because participants also end up with a common understanding about the whole context, they should also be in much better position to support the actions resulting from the workshop.

For more information click here

What are the Eight Stakeholder Groups and Sub-Groups?

The eight stakeholder groups are:

  1. Educators – Film Schools, Consciousness Schools, Story Consultants, Screenwriting Schools, etc
  2. Executive Producers/Partners – Executive Producers, Companies/Brands, etc
  3. Creators 1: Concept Stage – Writers, Producers, Attorneys, etc
  4. Content Developers – Studios, Production Companies, Talent Agencies, Managers, Casting Directors, etc
  5. Creators 2: Production Stage – Talent, Directors, Producers, etc
  6. Marketers/Public Relations – Press Platforms, Community Leaders, Public Figures, PR Firms/Departments, Social Media Influencers, etc
  7. Distributors – Sales Agents, Producer’s Reps, Film Festivals, Studios, Educational Distribution, Distribution, Exhibitors, etc
  8. Researchers/Partners – Research Organizations, Advocacy Groups, Faith-Based Market Experts, Analysts, Futurists, Media Consultants, etc
Why 64 Participants?

The Conscious Media Think Tank is using the proven effective Future Search model.  According to their scientific research, in the field testing over 20 years, and our personal experience, it is best to have 64 participants – eight people representing eight stakeholder groups.  This group size is ideal to do the deep work necessary to find solutions which everyone benefits from, even in the larger community.

See more info about Future Search above.

Who Is Attending?

The invites include both men and women from studios, networks, distributors, agencies, universities, organizations and major brands as well as high-profile writers, directors, and producers.

Each participant will have Authority, Resources, Expertise, Information and Need as it relates to the Conscious Media market.

If you are curious about the type of people who are being invited check out the “What are the Eight Stakeholder Groups and Sub-Groups?” drop-down above.

Currently, the list of participants and alternates is private.

The Agenda

A Future Search workshop is a full, two-day workshop conducted over three consecutive days. It begins in the afternoon on the first day and completes by noon on the third day. This allows attendees for two evenings and nights to reflect on the day’s learnings and use these reflections as a basis for action. The agenda for such a workshop is:

  • Day 1 Thursday, Nov 9th, Afternoon—”Past—where we’ve been?’
  • Day 2 Friday, Nov 10th, Morning—”Present—where we are?”
  • Day 2 Friday, Nov 10th, Afternoon—”Future—what we want?”
  • Day 3 Saturday, Nov 11th, Morning—”Common Ground and Action—how we get there?”

Over the three days, a dynamic develops which necessarily leads the participants to action. The sections about the past and the present develop a common understanding of the problems but also of the capacity of the community. The section about the future allows for goal setting. In the final section, common ground and action, the foundation laid by the three prior sections is tested, and activities are planned to achieve the set goals. Common ground is identified and utilized to block out those issues on which the participants cannot readily agree, in favor of clearly defined actions, which gain momentum through the workshop.

The Duration: Half Day-Full Day-Half Day

Future Search helps catapults the issue at hand leagues ahead.  To those unfamiliar with the Future Search process, the half day-full day-half day schedule might seem like a long commitment.  However, the time allotment has proven over the last 20 years to ensure success. It is assured that outcomes and benefits will pay off for everyone involved. Additionally, it is a great way to meet like-minded people, build relationships across the industry, and put the necessary rocket-fuel behind common-ground goals and agendas.

We have worked hard to make sure participants will be able to work the morning on Friday and join us after lunch, be with us a full day Saturday, and be home on Sunday by mid-afternoon. A shorter time commitment than most weekend conferences!

See The “Future Search” Method dropdown above for more information.


We know there are thousands of us who care about Conscious Media. We wish we could invite everyone!  But rest assured the Conscious Media Think Tank is designed to create initiatives which will support our entire community.

I Would Love to Attend

We are taking waitlist submissions for this and future Think Tanks.  If you would like to attend (or nominate someone to attend), please click here.

Note: there is a specific criterion for attending.

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