As one of our initiatives, CMV hosts educational meetups that are designed to inform and inspire filmmakers/industry professionals.

They are on second Wednesdays in Los Angeles. Based on feedback, we are investigating virtual events to include our community outside of LA.

Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love, and Work with Barnet Bain

Jan 9th, 2019 @ 7:30pm


Gain a fresh perspective about a valuable resource you already have – your creativity. Join us as BARNET BAIN, award-winning filmmaker and author of “The Book of Doing and Being,” leads a mini-workshop about how to create your own creativity practice.

Whether you have your own business, are part of projects that mean a lot to you, or are craving more fulfillment in your work or relationships, you will discover practical next steps that could assist you in creating the life you envision.

You will gain:

  • Information about techniques to motivate yourself and change your mindset
  • Tools to help you steer away from self-doubt and perfectionism and to trust your creative process
  • An understanding of your emotions and how they can be used constructively

Admission Fee: $20.00 general admission/at the door, $15.00 early bird discount

50 N. La Cienega, Suite 120, Beverly Hills, CA 90211


Barnet Bain is known for his work on films such as the Oscar-winning “What Dreams May Come” and Eckhart Tolle’s “Milton’s Secret.” He is a renowned creative consultant specializing in unlocking creativity and developing gifts, talents, and passions in everyday life. He is also a noted author and has a podcast entitled “Cutting Edge Consciousness.” Barnet is a faculty member of Columbia University, Spirituality Mind Body Institute, and Esalen Institute, where he teaches many about the thrill and discipline of the creative process.

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